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Thank you

I bought my first home almost 8 years ago. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I needed to sell it and purchase another one.

The desire to be my own agent was there. It’s hard to not make it an option when it’s considerably cheaper. However, the more I researched it, the more I realized this wasn’t a venture I wanted to take. The overwhelming amount of time and energy spent trying to accomplish something I had NO experience in was already causing a level of anxiety. And so began the research of finding a real estate agent...

I spent a couple of weeks exploring my options. Narrowing it down from 10 to 5 to 3 to 1. I wanted to make sure that time and money was not wasted on an agent. I wanted someone that I felt I would be able to trust with selling my home. After reading Laura’s reviews, and looking at the houses that she helped to sell, I called her to request a meeting.

She came to my home with a smile on her face and a packet of information in her hands. She spoke to me about her company and the things that’s included in her packet. My main reason for having a face-to-face meeting was to see if we would be a good match (our personalities). I wanted to make sure that she had positive energy and was approachable. Less than 5 minutes and I was sold! The decision was made! Before she left I told her we were good to go.

From the beginning till now I have absolutely NO regrets. Her company supplied the photographer and a consultation with a stager. Two things that helped show the home for what it is. A great purchase.

Her professionalism is amazing. Her knowledge is spectacular. Her skillfulness in managing to keep my anxiety ridden self at ease was above my expectations. She stayed in communication with me about everything. Any question I had, she answered. Because I trusted her with my home, I took her advice and recommendations. With that being said, within 2 weeks I had offers above asking price! I accepted one and started the process of having the beginning of 2019 be the last time living in my first home.

Thanks Laura! You’re one in a million!


Content by Laura Nelson Real Estate Team Brentwood Realtor®

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