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Laura is the BEST! She did such a fantastic job. Wow. She struck the ideal balance between professional and friendly. She tells it like it is (so refreshing!), and does so with support and understanding. She kept me updated in exactly the way I wanted, and was just ‘on it’ throughout the entire process. I am slow to trust, but was swift in trusting Laura. The sale of my house was, at times, totally absurd, yet Laura dealt with it with encouragement and patience (for me) and, to my delight, grace and a certain no-nonsense (for the buyers and their agent). She had my back, and was even there for me when I got totally frustrated, offering compassion and, somehow at the same time, keeping me in reality. (Does she have a degree in Psychology too!?) Compared to my experience with another agent when purchasing my house, well, there’s no comparison: Laura was a true gift. So, if you’re reading this review because you’re trying to find the right agent for you, work with Laura. Really, work with Laura.

Gillian M - Seller

Content by Laura Nelson Real Estate Team Brentwood Realtor®

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