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Thank you

Nicole Hunt is one of those people that if you tell her it’s impossible, she’ll do her best to show you otherwise. She’s great at what she does. From the moment she came and introduced herself, to the signing of the paperwork for my new home, I saw those things. And with that my faith in her abilities was always there.

After I picked an agent to help sell my house, they assigned an agent to help me purchase one. I have to say that I am very happy with the choice. I definitely lucked out! That evening I sat down with her and we answered each other’s questions. As I spoke, I knew that she was really listening. I gave her a list of things that were important to me. By the end of the meeting I felt excited that this would work out great.

As we started looking at homes, I had a strong desire to see as many as possible. I wanted to make sure I purchased the right one. With that happening, I became unsure of what I wanted. I had forgotten what I TRULY wanted. Then there was Nicole...

She brought my feet to the ground every time they began to lift from confusion. Nicole kept me grounded and reminded me of what I had forgotten. She reminded me of what was important to me. She helped me get back to the list of things that I had wanted in a house. The things that brought me joy every time I thought about it.

Nicole’s energetic personality can rub off on a person. She helped bring my positivity back. She stayed positive in knowing that I’d find that place that I would walk into everyday and smile because of my love for it.

In the end, she helped me find just that! The house that I truly wanted! She also helped me get the place that makes me feel exactly as I wanted to feel...

I get out of my car, unlock my front door, walk into my house and feel like I’m HOME.

Thank you Nicole. I feel as if I can’t say that enough.


Content by Laura Nelson Real Estate Team Brentwood Realtor®

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